Warehousing Space

747 Warehouse offers over 10,000 square meters of secured storage space, enclosed within our state-of-the-art skylight roofing system and insulated with our natural air ventilation mechanism. Our spacious loading bays, all supplemented with ramps, can accommodate inventory of all sizes and our enveloping canopy shelters your items from the changing environments during loading and unloading activities. The established fire protection and CCTV securities system (with motion sensors in place) should ensure the safety of your staffs and inventory as well as safeguard against any mischievous undertakings. Our warehousing space service provides a complete solution for your business storage needs.

Internal Storage

Available insulated internal storage space for any items that require isolation and/or specific storing temperatures. This secured, high-ceiling, and spacious area can be entirely customized to accommodate your inventory’s special requirements.

Office Solution

Over 2,000 square meters of fully-furnished office space that can be internally segmented to suit your specific needs. Our second floor management and security room hovers above the office area and can easily monitor the work flow of the entire warehouse. Our executive meeting rooms not only serve as the command center for your business operations but can also be customized to accommodate guests and clients. This office solution combined with the storage space is a one-stop shop for your business necessities.

Mini Factory

We also offer readily available mini-factory space for small-scale production. Our existing factory permit allows for immediate setup and commencement of operations.