We offer a variety of office facilities ranging from 300 - 1,000 sqm. All of our office units have access to en-suite toilets and comes readily equipped with standard 24 hr CCTV security and fire protection systems.

747 Warehouse Office

747 Warehouse Executive Office with Conference Room

747 Warehouse's executive office, located on the top floor with built-in restroom facilities (with shower room), overlooks the entire warehouse space allowing for monitoring of operations and workflow. The conference room is fully furnished and can accommodate more than 15 personnel.
747 Warehouse Office

Front Office with Meeting Room

Our front office layout maximises the efficiency of office operations and can also function as a sales office. It includes restroom facilities and also a pantry area for employees.
747 Warehouse Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System

Each separate room is equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers to safeguard against any emergencies.
747 Warehouse CCTV, Motion Sensor & 24 Hr Security

CCTV, Motion Sensor & 24 Hour Security

Safety and security is our warehouse’s first priority so all entries and exits to and within the premises have secure impenetrable padlocks which are accessible only via our supplied key cards. Our facility uses a magnetic card swipe system which allows for customisation of individual door access for different types of personnel throughout the whole warehouse. All windows are secured and installed with one-way screens to ensure maximum privacy for operations.

Office Specifications

Office Sizes:  300 - 1,000 sqm.
Clear Height:  3-4 m
Management Room: Available
Toilet: En-suite
Shower: Available
Ventilation:  Air Conditioned
Fire Prevention System:  Installed
Security:  CCTV & 24 hr Guards

747 Warehouse Canopy

Column Span

747 Warehouse Canopy

Clear Height