We provide space for small production lines equipped with standard factory facilities. This space is streamlined and ideal for niche merchandise production and/or research and development (i.e. sampling/prototyping of products before proceeding with full-scale manufacturing).

747 Warehouse Mini Factory
747 Warehouse Mini Factory

Mini Factory Type A: Niche Production

With up to 7.5 m ceiling height, our niche production space can house special machinery and accommodate a spectrum of production lines. Our partners can flexibly choose between natural or air conditioned ventilation and lighting.
747 Warehouse Research & Development Room
747 Warehouse Minifactory

Mini Factory Type B: Research & Development and Sampling/Prototyping

We also offer standard research and development platforms for sampling/prototyping of new products. Our sealed air-conditioned production rooms are also ideally suited for delicate hand-made production lines and/or specialized production.
747 Warehouse Minifactory Space
747 Warehouse Minifactory

Mini Factory Type C: High Security Production

Our upper floor Mini Factory unit is an isolated unit equipped with standard 24 hr security and fire protection systems. The space comes with a secluded upper floor office with en-suite toilet and is ideal for high-security production and storage.
Tailoring Specification

Tailoring Specifications

Although we provide base requirements suitable for various types of industrial processes, modification to specifications can be requested upon discussion.
Factory Permit

Factory Permit

Our existing factory permit allows for immediate move-in and commencement of production.
747 Warehouse Fire Protection System

Mini Factory Fire Protection System

The space comes with standard fire protection equipment (smoke detector, fire alarm, fire hose cabinet) and can also be equipped with sprinklers upon request (or depending on the type of production).
747 Warehouse CCTV, Motion Sensor & 24 Hr Security

Mini Factory CCTV, Motion Sensors & 24 Hour Security

CCTV and motion sensors are installed to ensure the highest safety for your machinery/production line and 24 hour security is established to prevent any mischievous undertakings.

Mini Factory Specifications

Mini Factory Sizes:  500 - 1,800 sqm.
Clear Height:  3-7.5 m
Ventilation:  Natural/Air Conditioned
Fire Prevention System:  Installed
Security:  CCTV & 24 hr Guards

747 Warehouse Canopy

Column Span

747 Warehouse Canopy

Clear Height