747 Warehouse provides insulated internal storage units for businesses that require air-conditioned storage. Our units are highly secure and particularly spacious with expanded column span and extended clear height. Units range from 500 to 1,800 sqm in size.

747 Warehouse Internal Storage

Internal Storage Space

We provide internal storage space for inventories with special storage requirements. The space is installed with the same floor load of 3 kg /sq. m. as the warehouse and is ideal for products that require isolation and/or specific temperature settings.
747 Warehouse Internal Storage

Temperature Setting and Monitoring

Our internal storage space temperature can range down to zero degrees Celsius and comes equipped with wireless control and monitoring.
747 Warehouse Internal Storage

Dust Free Environment

The rooms can be sealed off to provide a dust free atmosphere with a filtered ventilation system.
747 Warehouse Internal Storage

Humidity Control

Separate air vents can be set up to filter out water vapour in the internal storage space allowing for precise control over the level of humidity.
747 Warehouse Fire Protection System

Internal Storage Fire Protection System

All internal storage units comes with standard fire protection systems (smoke detector, fire alarm, fire hose cabinet) and can also be equipped with sprinklers depending on the type of inventory being stored or upon request.
747 Warehouse CCTV, Motion Sensor & 24 Hr Security

Internal Storage CCTV, Motion Sensor & 24 Hour Security

The internal space is secured via a vault door which can be accessed only through our card swipe system. Unnecessary access for security checks can be reduced via our installed CCTV.

Internal Storage Specifications

Internal Storage Sizes:  500 - 1,800 sqm.
Clear Height:  3-4 m
Ventilation:  Air Conditioned
Fire Prevention System:  Installed
Security:  CCTV & 24 hr Guards

747 Warehouse Canopy

Column Span

747 Warehouse Canopy

Clear Height