We provide warehouse facilities ranging from 500 - 10,000 sqm in size. With extra ceiling height and ample column span, our warehouse space can flexibly handle a multitude of operational requirements from SME and start-up storage to large distribution center and corporate warehouse. All our warehouse units are readily equipped with standard amenities listed below including 24 hr CCTV security and fire protection systems.

Dock Leveler with Hydraulic Doors

Loading Area with Mechanical Doors

747 Warehouse offers spacious loading docks with large mechanical doors (5m x 5m) to accommodate a variety of item sizes. Ramps are also installed at each bay, with warehouse floor levels 1 meter above ground, to facilitate efficient product movement.
Sky Light Roofing System

Sky Light Roofing System

Our single metal sheet roof with no bolt connections is the ideal solution for preventing rain leakages and sheltering against the varying environment. Being made from Zincalume high-tensile steel material, it is extremely durable and is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour. Skylights are also installed to facilitate light transmission through the warehouse space during day time which allows for energy cost savings.
Single Roof Inventory Management

Single Roof Inventory Management

Our Warehouses (10,000 square meters) are established under one single roof which allows for efficient inventory management void of unnecessary logistical activities that occur with multiple/segmented storage.
747 Warehouse Spacious Storage

Spacious Storage

Our facilities offer floor layouts that are unparalleled in space and convenience. Inventory will be stored between thin and widely distributed columns which allows for great visibility throughout the entirety of the warehouse.
Extended Column Span

Extended Column Span

Our column span of 20 meters allows for maximisation of storage and operational efficiency and is the ideal size for racking/storage equipment installation.
Extended Ceiling Height

Elevated Ceiling Height

An elevated ceiling height of 10-14 meters (focal 14 meters) allows for maximum utilisation of storage space in conjunction with ample ventilation and cooling within the warehouse area.
747 Warehouse Canopy

Extensive Canopy

The reinforced canopy design at 747 warehouse, which shields all loading bays, is 5.5 meters from the ground and extends 7.5 meters from the warehouse space. The column-less design provides convenience for loading/unloading activities and the xenon light fixtures allow for operations at night time.
747 Warehouse Pest Protection

Pest Protection

Installation of steel nets along all louvers ensures that pests are prevented from interfering with your business and operations.
747 Warehouse Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System

Smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire hose cabinets are installed within the warehouse space. Emergency lighting and fire escapes are in place to deliver additional safety and protection.
747 Warehouse CCTV, Motion Sensors & 24 Hour Security

CCTV, Motion Sensors & 24 Hour Security

CCTV and motion sensors are installed to ensure the utmost safety for your inventory and 24 hour security is positioned to prevent any mischievous undertakings.

Warehouse Specifications

Warehouse Type: Single roof

Floor Load: 3,000 kgs/sqm

Clear Height: 10 - 14 m

Skylight Lighting: Installed

Natural Ventilation: Installed

Dock Leveler Height: 1.2 m

Canopy Height: 6.5 m

Container Parking: Available

Security: CCTV & 24 hr Guards

747 Warehouse Canopy

Dock Leveler & Canopy Size

747 Warehouse Canopy

Column Span

747 Warehouse Canopy

Clear Height